And the winner (of the Achimer art award ) is…”Baku”

Quite unexpected I was given 2011/10/2 an art award of the Kunstverein Achim e.V. nearby Bremen, the future cultural capital of northwest Germany (-: 1500€ and a solo exhibition in 2012 are just some of its benefits. Networks and fame the others. No I am serious: as I was the only guy working with photography, documentary photography on the top (which in these context usually isn’t perceived to be art in our German art szene) I was betting that anybody else but not me would win. So: this grant is good not only for me but also for all the other fellow stuents of University of Arts or other institutions where conceptional photography is being taught: it’s a further step in establishing artistically photographed documentations in the fine art sector.

2011/10/4: A local newspaper “Kreiszeitung Achim” with photo:


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