Reports of my own projects:

TV- and Radiostations

Online News sites

Press reviews of my bicycle projects show articles in word and image in more than 13 million copies of German newspapers, weekly papers and magazine. Contact me.

Colaboration with institutions/firms (projects & campaigns):

Christian Blind Mission (content-related work and advertisement)
Some sponsors of bicycle-ralated projects (advertisement)

Speeches and/or slide shows (out of my totally 320 since the year 2000):

German cyclists’ federation (ADFC) (9 speeches)
Camphills in southern Germany and Berlin (10)
Christian Blind Mission Germany (12)
SFD Bremen (sending youngsters into dif. projects) (3)
Different senior living places in Germany and Switzerland (54)
Globetrotter stores(5)
Maristen Realschule Recklinghausen (sec. school) (3)
Urania Berlin (2)

Since the year 200: further 207 speeches more for different occasions, in different institutions/places