Group project KILL YOUR DARLINGS (2009)


According to our common former professor Bialobrezki’s watchword meaning that you eventually have to sort out a favourite photo in order to build a good series an initiative of 20 photographers has been founded. See and preorder the book here

Ökodorf, 2007

German eco-villages (2008)


Eco has become quite an fashionable attribute and attitude during the past years. What about those who are not satisfied with buying green line products in the discounter around the corner? How chose to live in a eco village the most consequent way live?

In Germany there are some dozens of real eco villages, far away from the cities, living in their own system.

A few photos from a first visit to one of them.

In der Natur

In nature (2007)


Portraits of people who purposefully go into nature in order to calm down.

A series about silence and contemplation.

At the Weser river and its meadows / Northern Germany.

G8 Heiligendamm 2007

G8 Heiligendamm (2007)


A series about the last G8 summit in Germany..


Elevator (2007)


Everybody knows it – I photographed it: the feeling of anxiety in an elevator.

Blind Eye photo project

Blind Eye photo project(2005)


Blind participants of the BlindCycle Tour conserved their differently perceived impressions during this tandem bicycle travel from Germany to Singapore.