Subscription of the new BAKU NOW book untill September 2012

Analogue to the first book “The wind-beaten city” I offer the new one for 26,10 € instead of 34 € without shipping. Both book layout as well as the linen hardcover relates to the first book’s manner – BAKU NOW is a continuation of the first book – in change it does’nt focus on the old but on the newly built in Baku: almost all of the 62 photographs show stuff that has been build or renovated between 2001 and 2011.

Via the order form you can save cheaper copies – if 300 people have been found I will print the book in autumn 2012. You do not pay before it is not sure that I print it. About the state I will inform you latestly in September 2012. If I print it, it will be available in stores for 34 €.

Also the BAKU NOW book will contain a well-written essay that reveals why things are developing in Baku as they do/did. The text will stand alone but still enrich the perception of the motives!

In order to fuel the process I will raffle again among the subscribers some art editiones – there are 15 left to be sold – per 70 ordered copies I draw one concrete slip case! Each copy is one lot (-:

A right to buy the book (and participate in the drawing) derives first when 300 copies were ordered!