Anonymous photography garantueed if wished
Mood-Tour: more tolerance for the depressed (6-9/2012) *

We will be cycling on three tandem bikes four months in six stages throughout Germany. In each stage only the start and end day are fixed plus 3-4 action days – in the meanwhile the team moves as it decides. Equipment will be supplied, food cooked by ourselves and financed by us.   From June until September 2012 two people with depression can participate.

Hugo ist teaching Bolivian sign language
The Vamonos Project (2009/10) * Going on three tandem bikes and eleven hearing and deaf people through South America. Those users of different sign languages got connected, we had more than 90 sign language workshops in schools and a lot of media coverage: in Germany and locally. Impressive landscape, passion and tears were also part of this tandem based PR campaign
Marcel uns Susanne auf dem Liege-Sitz-Tandem Pino; Türkei 2005
BlindCycle Tour (2005/06) * Eight months in eleven non-stop stages from Germany to Singapore. 11.500 km with totally four sighted pilots and 21 blind or visually impaired copilots. A state-of-the-art tandem adventure with inclusive character
Kyle, mein erster Ami hat die Füße auf seinem Stoker-Lenker
Come-join-me Tour (2001/02) * Roaming throughout South America 180 days looking again and again for new copilots to join. That was not an act of desperation but my first participative tandem tour concept: interacting with locals and tourist. I had with me anything necessary for the hard outdoor everyday of Bolivia (-15° C at night), Chile and Argentine. Eight unknown people joined during three and 14 days – 75% successful attempt. The mother of the following tandem-bike projects.


Sebastian Burger im freien Fall über den Lenker, chinesische Sanddüne 1999
Beijing by bike (07-10/1999) * Two lads and one idea: to break the(ir) 10.000 km limit. But where to cycle without having to take a boat or an airplane ? Beijing perhaps? Sounded cool. It was cool: 14.400 km in 120 days. Every meter on our own force – every day. This was my “where-are-my-limits-tour” par excellence. A exhilarating voyage through eleven countries, such as Turkey, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and China