1979 born in Seeheim (between Frankfurt & Heidelberg / Germany)

Portrait Sebastian Burger with a Linhof Technikardan

Sebastian Burger with a Linhof Technikardan - photo: Christian Leon

1996 starts work on ambitious bicycle expeditions
2001 develops the expeditions as tandem journeys with local participants
2002/03 photo internships in Hamburg and Munich
2003-09 University of Arts Bremen
2005/06 Cycling with blind people from Germany to Singapore
2008 ASA scholarship Baku – the wind-beaten city
2009/10 A tandem based A tandem-based publicity campaign about sign languages
2010 Self-publishing of the first Baku book
2010 VG Bildkunst scholarship for the continuation of the ecovillages series
2011 Art award 2011 of the Kunstvereins Achim.

speaks German (native), English and Spanish (both fluently), and some French and Portuguese